Various - The Insane Darrell Wayne's No Disco Album - BOMP! ‎BLP 4006 - 1979

The Insane Darrell Wayne must've held a contest for bands to submit anti-disco songs and picked the best for this comp.There's more than a few duds, and a Bags pseudonym (Sgab From the Planet Zed) that's so-so, and much of the low points the record come from the bands trying to mockingly emulate disco in some way. And much of the high points come from apparent Devo-worship. Case in point: 'Love Train' by Cap'N Crisco & The Disco Ninnies.

Flash Boyancy seem to be doing 'My Sharona' via Devo, with plenty of turd gags in 'Disco Defecation.'

Ground Zero's intentionally undance-able 'Dance With The Machines' is less soothing than the Normal's 'Warm Leatherette' and seems most critical of the disco culture with great lines such as "you say this music's an inferno, but I don't see a fire, I see a floor of slave units, trendy sequined robots programmed by the beat, programmed to dance."

Perhaps the USA's drum-machine led answer to Chris Spedding's 'Pogo Dancing' is Cindy & The Gidget Haters' 'Pogoin's For Me.'

The back of the sleeve explains the record:

"It is so expressed that our distaste for disco music has grown to the point of outward expression and so, being intelligent individuals, we have chosen the vehicle of entertainment to attempt a non-violent approach to convey the concept of "No Disco." The songs on this album were selected as the best from an immense pile of "No Disco" music submitted to KROQ. They are the honest expression of a generation with its own music to make. We make no apologies for any of it - it may be rude, crude, rough, raw, and even bad... but it's better than disco!"

- Darrell Wayne

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