Girls & Boys - Helge's 87 - Andrew Mountain Records - AMR-2001 - 1987

It appears Sweden has recreational cafes that are equipped with musical instruments and rehearsal spaces for 10 to 16 year-olds to use. The 2013 movie 'We Are The Best' had something like this. Sometimes they record the groups and in 1987 one such cafe in Gävle, Sweden called Helge's put out this record. A lot of the older kids featured were into heavy metal and were skilled at playing their instruments, but their recordings are nowhere near as interesting as the younger, inexperienced kids' attempts at synth-pop and punk. It's not unlike the girls playing their song 'Hate The Sport' in the aforementioned movie.

Secret Metal - The Cop

Minimax - Disconight

Pink Babycats - The Hunting

Mix Music - Let's Go