Pierô - Quelle Époque Épique Et Punk - Eurodisc 911 197 - 1979

According to google translate, the song opens like this:

Hi guys (yeah)
Your guitars are out of tune? (yeah)
Today we will make punque (yeah)
Forward, the infernal machine
Ein, zwei, drei, quatre

Other amusing lines:

A safety pin planted in cheek, here does not hurt me
(It hurts me a lot)

It is my life punk overdose

I fall back into the immeasurable emptiness of my ephemeral nihilism!

And my royalties and my copyright, you know what I do, huh? You know what I'm going to do with all that dough? Well I'm happy to cash in! I'm still not punk at this point.


Stéfan - J'suis Pas Méchant / Zéro Tic - Vogue ‎45.X.1146 - 1979

Plastic Bertrand and François George (Friswa) wrote these songs, and Bertrand produced it. Stefan, the adorable miniature Plastic Bertrand on vocals only has one record apparently, although I think there's at least a chance that he could also be the Stephane who worked with Plastic Bertrand in the Abbacadabra musical where Plastic Bertrand played Pinocchio. That same Stephane also raps. I'm just saying it's possible and that I hope it's the same person.

J'suis Pas Méchant translates as I'm Not Naughty and the song includes a line where Stefan says he no longer wets the bed. Zéro Tic is more of a play on words.

Zéro-lling Stones

...and so on. Which makes the song title a pretty risque thing for a child to sing about. One line, "mes Mercredis sont classés X" translates into "my Wednesdays are rated X."

The line "Zéro de cuir" or Zero leather, seems fitting, as this is entirely plastic.