Boundstone School Presents Gynt On The Rocks - Self Released - HAS LP 4076 - 1978

The liner notes:
"The production which we present for you on this record is a new show based on Isben's epic story 'Peer Gynt'. It has been re-written and updated with original music written by an ex-pupil of the school, Paul Rogers.
The show involves a company of well over one hundred pupils from the school in all areas of production, actors, technicians, make-up artists, set builders and costume makers.
Peer Gynt is a rebel teenager who, after finding himself in a great deal of trouble, journeys to London where he finds himself in the midst of the Punk Rock scene and then travels to Hollywood where he becomes involved in the making of a film. He eventually meets his downfall, although of course, we endeavour to bring you a happy ending".


Nadine Expert - It's Up To You - AB Productions - A.B.P. 300001 - 1979

Perhaps the best song by Nadine Expert is 'Let Me Play With My Doll,' arranged by library whiz Benoît Kaufman and written by Jean-Luc Azoulay (under the name Jean-François Porry) who is responsible for a number of children's records throughout the 80's not to mention Computer.