Nadine Expert - It's Up To You - AB Productions - A.B.P. 300001 - 1979

Perhaps the best song by Nadine Expert is 'Let Me Play With My Doll,' arranged by library whiz Benoît Kaufman and written by Jean-Luc Azoulay (under the name Jean-François Porry) who is responsible for a number of children's records throughout the 80's not to mention Computer.

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  1. I bought this album and I liked it. It's unique and it's too bad her career didn't go much further. The whole thing's got a nice, round, fleshed-out sound except for the funny final track. There's no rip running around online of it yet but it's worth checking out. Forgotten and very much a good slice of 70s funk-chic with a French flair, a couple tunes sound like they could have been from The Rocky Horror Show or a Stones pastiche if that gives you an idea. Nice touches of reggae too. 8/10