Roberto Fera - Shock Rock - Jezabel Records ‎JR 104 - 1980

This depressed looking Roberto Fera looks a lot like the depressed looking fellow in Eau De Cologne, which he produced, so it probably is him. And I wonder if he's also the "punk guy" pictured on the 'Pretend' single by Souvenir which is also on the Jezabel label. It appears that all of his other music credits are for disco music. And all of his modelling credits are for looking bored and down in the dumps.

Naold 'n Draod - Nettie ('k Zie Oe Geerne) - Safety Pin SRS 510.036 - 1978

This is on Safety Pin records, which would indicate that someone thought this record could fall somewhere in the neighborhood of punk music. I'm not sure how they wanted to convey the record's punk qualities, since the sleeve doesn't seem to indicate anything of the sort. The A side 'Nettie ('k Zie Oe Geerne)' translates as 'Nettie (I Love You) and the B side is apparently a phoenetic spelling of what translates to something like 'Try It Yourself.' Since it's instrumental, I assume they wanted the listener to sing along.


Colin Malice - J'y Pense Et J'oublie Pas - CBS ‎6313 - 1978

Colin Malice was a pseudonym adopted for just one single by two corny pop-singing brothers knows as Les Costa. The A side is a cover of the Carvells' skateboarding-themed 'L.A Run', instead with lyrics about a girl and her four brothers getting in the way. Side B gives half the writing credit to 'swinging mademoiselle' Dominique Cozette and the production to her former boyfriend Patrice Fabien. Patrice, interestingly enough also produced Edith Nylon as well as WC3's 'Poupée Be Bop' and went on to produce a bunch of stuff for the Reflexes label as well as his own Fabien Garage.