Enrique Y Ana ‎- Las Aventuras De Enrique Y Ana - Hispavox S 60.680 - 1981

The synopsis for this movie sounds interesting. Enrique is a gymnastics teacher and his sister Ana is a student at the same school. Enrique gets laid off and Ana flees with him to the castle of their grandfather. Their grandfather is Professor Osborne, a great scientist trying to stop the evil Baron Von Nekruch from obtaining an artifact that would put the whole world at risk. Based on the little I've seen of the movie, it seems like (and I sure hope) the plan is to defeat evil with a battle of the bands or a talent show. It has some very interesting clips.

But easily the most inserting part of the movie is when little-kid punk air-band called 'Los Punkitos' is announced and they sing 'Caca Culo Pedo Pis' which translates as 'Poop Pee Fart Ass.'

 The song from the LP:

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